18 октября, 2021

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The modern information technology outsourcing market provides a wide range of opportunities for all participants. We at Inmost appreciate software development trends and, at the same time, think about how to use them in favor of our clients and business development.

We aim to grow quantitatively yet qualitatively. With an eye on the whole bunch of successfully delivered projects so far, we’ve decided to choose 2-3 directions of expertise as potential growth points for the company. As such, we can focus operational efforts, including employees' further training and certifications, to deepen expertise in the selected areas even more and meet our clients' needs even better.

One of the core Inmost expertises are CPaaS platforms (Communication Platform as a Service), and in particular - Amazon Chime communications service.

Why Communication Platforms as a Service?

CPaaS services

We believe communication platforms are already and will continue to be one of the most demanded branches among other types of Information Technology Services. According to International Data Corporation (IDC) forecasts, the global communication platforms market was expected to reach $4.56 billion in 2019 and grow 39% - by 2023.

Moreover, estimates were made before the world economy faced changes due to the COVID pandemic. In 2019 no one could predict to what extent the number of remote employees would increase during 2020-2021. And, consequently, no one could predict the tremendous growth in demand for high-quality tools for video conferences and other types of interactions, e.g. instant desktop sharing.

In May 2021 IDC adjusted the original prediction. Now, experts predict that the market will be worth $92 billion by 2023. The recent market overview published on proves that the communication platforms market is snowballing so that predictions regarding its size don't make much sense.

Inmost successfully executes several projects for customers based on different communication platforms. We have developed different communication platform solutions at the enterprise level and we anticipate doing even better.

We’ve chosen Amazon Chime as the solution for communication platforms because Amazon is a leading provider of cloud technologies. This global tech giant invests immense resources in development, debugging, and testing its solutions. With Amazon’s platform, we can stay focused on clients’ needs rather than overcoming issues.

Amazon is in favor all over the globe. At the moment, Amazon Global Infrastructure covers 25 Regions, each having several independent zones (so-called “Availability Zones”). As a result, we can get reliable responses to requests pretty instantly.

Also, Amazon has so-called “Wavelength Zones”. These are AWS infrastructure deployments, where AWS storage and compute services are integrated into 5G providers’ networks. No two ways about it - this is an essential point for mobile applications development.

Amazon launched Chime in 2017. Since that time the service has evolved significantly, with many new features added. Without a doubt, this secure, reliable, and affordable platform is the way of the future. And Inmost is the just-right software development provider to order the solutions based on Amazon Chime.