California, USA

Client since:

January, 2019

Services used:

Full-cycle software development


A US-based company aimed to improve treatment outcomes and reduce medications costs. Its mission is to educate users on how to become the best versions of themselves.


To enhance patients’ ability to stick to treatment plans and healthy habits

Mobile apps usage in Healthcare has skyrocketed in the past 5 years. People refer to their smartphones for a piece of health advice, prescriptions, or tracking overall wellbeing more than ever before. There are many health and wellness apps on the market, so our client decided to focus on applications that can address various healthcare needs and use top professionals' expertise. The App meant to provide users with clear and actionable information, keep them engaged through interactive tools, and offer personalized care plans.

Business solution

Native mobile applications for iOS and Android designed to improve the quality of healthcare

The App combines high-level technologies with high-touch patient care to slow down disease progression, prevent unnecessary hospitalizations, and provide access to optimal therapies. This wellness App addresses mental, physical, social, environmental, and even spiritual factors that may influence overall human health. It equips patients with immediate access to individualized care, reduces their medical expenses, and provides them with an opportunity to get more control over their health.


An industry-leading healthcare solution that improves patients’ lives

During our work on the App, we found out a formula for delivering comprehensive recommendations for users. Physicians no longer need to go door to door, skip through textbooks, or run back and forth from patients to computers to access data. Apps don't substitute in-person annual check-ups, however, so patients have to obligatory keep doing these. Still, a healthcare platform has already eased health-related affairs for many and continues to.