Only when each task is done in the first-rate manner and only when the task has been tested all through and through, it is considered to be ready and is added to the application upon the final approval.

Manual testing

One can understand the application’s quality right after 5 minutes of working with it. Our Quality Assurance Engineers do everything for the application to be perfect in the users’ hands. In order to make the Quality Assurance possible we perform different types of the UI/UX, functionality, performance, security and other tests as well. Our goal is to achieve the perfect user experience and to make sure that it works as intended. The bug-free apps boosts up your business and increases the user loyalty to the product.

Automated Testing

Manual testing is the perfect choice for the small and middle-size projects. Another option is to have the automated testing which is necessary for the efficient test coverage of the application without the quality reduction. It requires fewer resources and the costs as a result. The test automation helps to eliminate the need for the human intervention and to keep the focus on the scalability. The automated testing works excellently with the manual testing.