About Us


Since the foundation of Inmost company in 2015, we have determined the quality as a main feature of our services. The key concept of our approach is taking the advantage of ready well-tested, high-quality solutions. The services provided by Amazon (AWS) fully meet all these requirements, significantly speeding up the development process and giving our engineers all the opportunities to design reliable and scalable applications.

Amazon technologies provide additional benefits as all of them can be integrated into each other, solving the variety of software development tasks and keeping us focused on customers’ business challenges.


We see our mission in being on the edge of the most modern Amazon technologies and making our customers happy using these solutions.

Dmytro Savin

Core team

  • Andrew Kudryashov
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Vladyslav Zorin
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Viktoriia Lypchanska
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Vladislav Kozlov
    Chief Technology Officer