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Since foundation, we have been engaged in web and mobile development like many other companies.

The fact that we guarantee our clients the resistance of applications to high loads, differentiates us from the rest of web and mobile development companies. Why is this so important? According to numerous researches, the longer it takes a site to load, the more likely a user is to leave it. And in the case of mobile apps, users are even more impatient.

Our solution

To ensure minimal response time of our applications, we use the most recent advances from Amazon in a variety of areas.

We know how to work with Amazon CloudFront  a content caching service inside the Amazon cloud, which allows significantly to speed up the access to the application's static content from anywhere in the world.

We use Amazon Cognito a service that implements the most typical authorization and authentication approaches, including signing in through the credentials of well-known third-party applications such as Google, Facebook and others. This enables us to reuse the same code, reducing development costs, improving quality, and boosting the production process.

The Amazon Amplify simplifies the development of a REST API on the back end of a web application. Moreover, it contains SDKs for both IOS and Android, performing the most typical tasks of mobile development. These SDKs are designed to use the corresponding Amazon services from the backend, for instance, Amazon Location Service.

A custom tool for the Amplify framework called Amplify Studio released by Amazon is a development environment that contains a library of components based on the React framework for the most typical parts of web applications. This tool massively boosts our development process. 

The Amazon AppSync service provides a backend alternative to the REST API and a GraphQL-based approach.

Amazon Pinpoint is used to monitor and analyze user activity on the site to implement further site improvements.

Finally, we use AWS Device Farm to test our mobile apps on a wide variety of devices.

Why choose us?

Our company has developed dozens of different web and mobile applications for various types of businesses. 

We constantly invest in training our employees the world's best practices and the most advanced technologies, Amazon solutions are at the peak of progress.

We have certified Amazon solution architects in our company, which gives us confidence in correct use of Amazon technologies,  right the way it was designed for by Amazon.

The fact that in our solutions we rely on Amazon technologies for solving typical mobile and web development tasks, enables us to free up resources for customized approaches and focusing on clients' business challenges.

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