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Wedding Service

A social network for couples providing all the necessary services and information for wedding organization

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To create a social network that combines all the essential services for a couple to organize and celebrate the wedding.

Our client wants to create a social network that combines all the essential services for a couple to organize and celebrate the wedding. The wedding organization requires careful planning and coordination of a large number of services, such as photographers, florists, confectioners, restaurateurs, wedding venue owners and others, and it is also necessary to invite guests. The solution should guarantee a highly effective communication level between service providers and customers and help couples find the most suitable wedding services - all in one place.


Providing different functionality for services Customers and Providers, enabling users to communicate in text chats and to conduct audio and video conferences. Moderation function for System Administrator.

We proposed to create a social network with two categories of users: those who provide services and those who use them. The functionality for providers and users of the services will be different.

The Customers of services needs:

  • To choose the appropriate and matching client`s taste services: it is necessary to fill out a questionnaire which will enable to recommend certain types of services in the future. In addition, the option of posting photos from weddings, available for all users, will also help to determine Customer's preferences - as the type of photos a person has liked is also a good basis for recommendations. The result of the recommendations will be a content feed composed of service offers selected individually for this client, taking into account the region where the wedding is planned to be held.
  • To communicate in group text, audio and video chats, which are formed by user interests.
  • The same way, to communicate with providers, to see their lists of services and to be able to book a service for a сertain time.
  • A calendar for viewing scheduled events, with the option to send a reminder to all participants.
  • In order not to miss anything, to have a possibility of creating a checklist with all planned items and their statuses.
  • The option to view photos, to rate them and the quality of services that were already provided to other users. Based on such assessments, a providers` rating is formed.
  • The ability to create a list of guests, order invitation cards for them and add reminders to calendars.

For the service Providers: 

  • The ability to see the rating formed according to user assessments.
  • The option to view a list of clients with the Provider in a content feed.
  • The ability to send service offers to potential customers, including those who did not get to a Provider`s feed.
  • The ability to communicate with clients in text, audio and video chats.
  • Receive reminders from the system calendar about scheduled services.
  • The option to view profiles of potential clients, including the information about what they liked about other people's weddings.

Besides the Customer and Provider roles, the role of System Administrator is also required. One of the most important functions of the Administrator is the moderation of comments to photos posted by Customers in order to prevent unfair competition and promptly remove those users who operate the system improperly.


The solution is based on the Amazon Chime communication platform. The back-end includes three REST API groups and a relational database from Amazon. AWS SNS is used for push-notifications.

Technically, the solution is based on Amazon's product, Amazon Chime. This is a communication platform (CPaaS - Communication Platform as a Service), which will allow not only organizing multi-user audio and video conferences, but also using the desktop sharing mode (it may be helpful when demonstrating services), and moreover, this platform enables to connect to conferences without the Chime platform client installed, for those who use ordinary communication networks with a usual phone number - both, mobile or landline. Chime also has an option of creating events with calendar reminders. We apply the SNS service to notify the user of the system about the events he is engaged in - by the push notification mechanism. We also use Cognito for authorization and authentication.

The system consists of:

  • Mobile application for the Customer of services.
  • Web Application for the Service Provider.
  • Web Application for the Administrator.
  • A back-end that includes three REST API groups - one group for each of the client applications, an AWS Chime service that operates all the main tasks: creates conferences, text chats, calendar events, connects calls to conferences. The back-end also includes AWS RDS - a relational database from Amazon for storing information, required within the current user session, and AWS S3 storage for the photos and previous sessions archive, primarily with user comments on someone's photos. And besides, AWS SNS is used to notify client applications of various events that affect their users through the push-notification mechanism.



  • React Native
    React Native
  • JavaScript
  • Node.js
  • React Native
  • Amazon S3
    Amazon S3
  • Amazon RDS
    Amazon RDS
  • Amazon Chime
    Amazon Chime
  • Amazon SNS
  • Amazon Cognito