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Inmost continues receiving new 5-star Reviews on Clutch for promising App Development from Dyop


I suppose we all can admit that vision is one of the most fundamental senses and a powerful means of interfacing with the world. This is the main reason why we have to draw our attention to every deformity or change in it. Early detection of persistent eye-related diseases is critical in preventing the further deterioration of vision and nurturing overall eye-health.

In addition, such a vital topic connected to our healthcare ought to be implemented into the era of digitalization smoothly but effectively. So what is the solution? 

The mobile apps market is developing almost every minute. Switching to the digital becomes a necessity which encourages more and more people to get used to a new reality which is more comfortable and rapid. Current research of the US digital market  claims about impetuous growth in healthcare scope during 2022 which will lead to a common tendency all over the world.

This is the reason why the growing demand for mobile apps in such a highly responsible niche as healthcare becomes extremely complex. You are literally in an urge to find well-grounded developers who will provide the patients with trust, quality and comfort. 

Fortunately, Inmost stands exactly for that kind of software provider. We’re proud to welcome back our clients with new projects and - are happy to continue cooperation for many years.


About Dyop Vision Associate 

Let’s dive into the history of Dyop Vision Associate. This company is located in Atlanta, Georgia, headed by Alan Hytowitz. It has spent 14 years creating Dyop Test, which is used to measure visual acuity.
Moreover, the Dyop is considered as a revolutionary way to measure 21st century vision. And we’ll explain to you why. 

As a vision scientist, Allan discovered that the 1862 letter-based tests used globally by optometrists and ophthalmologists are actually making people blinder in the 21st century. It literally makes eyeglass lenses exceedingly powerful, contributing to the major cause of the global epidemic of myopia.

In simple terms, Dyop, a short for dynamic optotype, is a spinning segmented ring used as a visual target (optotype). That kinetic retinal stimulus is essential for vision as it helps to avoid depletion of the photoreceptor response and can be used for measuring acuity and refractions based on the Dyop angular arc width (diameter).

Originally, the client had a working version of the eye test algorithm in Windows. However, he would like to build a Dyop application that can run on any OS with any browser on any device. The core goal is to allow a doctor to login to the system and test a patient’s eyes remotely, or patients to have their eyes checked remotely and then, if problems are identified, book an appointment with the closest doctor for an actual physical eye test.
Starting from this point, Inmost was ready to help with implementation in this bold challenge. 


What we delivered 

As a  software development partner, we decided to implement PWA technology. WebSocket protocol to establish real-time connection between the doctor’s and the patient’s devices.

Dyop app was designed considering all the risks and insecurities connected with clients. As we’ve already mentioned, healthcare digital platforms have the main task - to supply people with confidence and trust. We provide our clients with mobile and web versions which help them easily to check their vision and get feedback. The app is both relevant for clients and doctors as well. 

The process of eye testing is very simple. The patient looks with each eye separately at the rotating rings and should answer which ring is rotating: left or right, or it is not clear. There are 3 main buttons for these options to control the process.


Key development outcomes

Here are a few key features delivered by Inmost. We’ve implemented 3 types of eye testing:

  • The doctor’s  control of the test sitting in the same room with the patient.
  • Doctor’s control of the test remotely.
  • Patient’s self-test. 


What did client say

We’d like to share our excitement with you about a 5-star review on Clutch - a B2B ratings and reviews platform. 

Description of imgage.


Alan Hytowitz was enthusiastic about working with us and shared his impression of work describing every detail that made him confident in cooperating with Inmost. 

“They've been very helpful in terms of logistics and planning, what needs to be done. Inmost seems to be extremely competent, pleasant seem to have understood exactly what we needed. And even though I'm not really the guy who is the software person, I'm more the mad scientist vision test. I really like the folks at the Inmost.

To summarize, we’ve been extremely captivated to produce such an innovative project and participate in the improvement of the healthcare sector. Inmost is looking forward to starting new collaborations to make our future better. 

To find out more about our development process, check out the full case study on Clutch. 

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