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Dogami – petaverse

Remember Tamagochi - a digital pet from the past? Perhaps, the popularity of this toy, which seems quite primitive today, lies in the possibility of adopting a pet, even for those who are unable to do so for whatever reason.

For example, many people like dogs, but few of them have enough time to spend with the pets and are able to create all the necessary conditions for their care. Soon this problem can be solved by a quite realistic and colorful petaverse - Dogami.

Players (Dogamers) can adopt virtual dogs, play games and compete with others. It will be possible to interact with the pet through augmented reality using the Dogami app, available for any type of smartphone on iOS or Android.

According to developers, Dogami petaverse roadmap includes the implementation of lands saling and the dogs crossbreeding - there will be an opportunity to mint a new puppy NFT with a random gender from two virtual pets NFTs.

The game is built on the Tezos blockchain which provides low gas fees, fast data processing and, as the developers assure, clean NFTs - having very low carbon footprint due to the most energy-efficient blockchain technology. The utility token of petaverse ‘$DOGA’ can be used to raise your dog, buy event tickets, consumables and to create your digital wardrobe purchasing virtual accessories and luxury items such as caps, bucket hats, varsity jackets, bandanas, beds, bed pillows, hoodies and belt bags in the marketplace. 

By the way, Gap Inc. - American worldwide clothing and accessories retailer teamed up with  Dogami to launch the first fashion collaboration in the petaverse. Each item of the collection will be available in the game to create an individual style for your virtual pet. 

And, of course, it's worth mentioning the play-to-earn concept of Dogami. You can earn  ‘$DOGA’ completing day challenges and being rewarded for multiple days of consistent play. The amount of earnings strongly depends on your game level - at level 1, you can only earn a maximum of 5 $DOGA a day, but by level 10  it is already up to 50 $DOGA.

On September 14, first 100 Dogamers got the chance to participate in the early stage of the game and support Dogamí development. 

Even though Dogami was not yet fully launched, it already has a huge amount of attention and positive feedback, since the theme of the game has a really large audience. In this case you can only imagine the potential of the Metaverse for cats!


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