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3D Joint ROM

Mobile platform for accurate motion tracking along 3 axes

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Dynamic Body Technology is a South African company focused on producing innovative medical devices using the latest technologies. The company aims to improve patients' health and provide them with comprehensive treatment plans.

Dynamic Body Technology was nominated for 2 innovations awards and is one of the most rapidly developing businesses in the medical technology niche.


A major revamp of a digital platform to measure limbs range of motion

Company contracted the Inmost team in order to upgrade software and implement adjustments in a digital platform that shares data collected from devices between doctors, industry and patients. 

3D Joint ROM application focuses on measuring and tracking body movement at high sample rates in 3D. This custom technology solutions empower medical professionals to gather movement data with proprietary Bluetooth sensors and stream it in real-time to tablets and instantly share 3D models and reporting to EMR systems or referring doctors.

The development of business and attracting investments were the main goals of the customer. Therefore, it was necessary to fix critical bugs of the application and stabilize its work, as well as add to it new functionality.


To implement essential functional and technological modifications for extended medical use

Inmost stabilized the platform, expanded its functionality, and performed its major updates.

We added an automatic test to verify the correctness of the functioning of the data collector. We also added an updater - to display the actual data when calibrating sensors.

Inmost developed the algorithm of the two sensors for their correct execution and storage of their records. We have also migrated the database to AWS.

In addition, we fixed conflicting parallel operations of sensors, along with the invalid data storage in the database.

We advanced the application with the conversion of user data backups to PostgreSQL, together with a saving option of user exercise schedule to PostgreSQL server database.

With the help of our team, doctors were given an opportunity to update a patient's exercise schedule within the App.


  • Objective-C
  • Express.js
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQLite
  • Amazon EC2
    Amazon EC2
  • Amazon RDS
    Amazon RDS


Stephen Meyerowitz

CTO at Shemesh Health Solutions Pty Ltd, South Africa