Johannesburg, South Africa

Client since:

November, 2020

Services used:

Full-cycle software development


Shemesh Health Solutions PTY Ltd focuses on developing innovative solutions for the medical industry, in particular - the best-in-class eye care products.

Its mission is to improve diagnostic methodologies and share these among patients, doctors, and companies to collaborate and improve treatment results.

The company looked for a tech partner for developing the platform

Shemesh Health Solutions assigned Inmost for delivering an affordable and cutting edge digital platform, a Dyop (or dynamic optotype), that can be used to determine the acuity/refraction endpoint and to measure acuity potentially faster, minimizing memorization of a test, more accurately, and more consistently.

A unique product with a fully digitalized approach to measuring acuity

We performed numerous platform enhancements to better determine visual acuity, in comparison with traditional static image tests.

We applied a faster format (algorithm) for acuity testing in 10 to 20 seconds per eye, with 6 times the precision of static-letter visual acuity tests.

The Inmost team helped to implement a visual acuity test that doesn't require patient literacy. The test can measure acuity in color and can be used to diagnose potential symptoms of dyslexia, migraines, and epilepsy.

We improved an acuity test to precisely measure acuity ranges:

  • from 6/2 (20/6) up to 6/300 (20/1000) - at a 3-meter viewing distance
  • from 6/2 (20/6) up to 6/300 (20/120) - at a 6-meter viewing distance.

In addition, we performed the platform's stabilization and fixed critical bugs. We added a remote controller from iPhone that allows the test giver to set the test format, viewing distance, visual target size, and visual target color.


The company has modernized the method to evaluate patients' eyesight with higher precision

With a digital tool for faster and more accurate acuity and refractions, our customer strengthened its reputation as an innovative diagnostic company.

Inmost team enhanced the platform with a controller function, so it can now be controlled with the IR Remote Controller, Keyboard shortcuts, iPad Controller, and repeat monitor.

We also have integrated the interface with an answer screen, which allows the doctor to view and control sizing, spin direction, pausing, and switching the spinning target.

The application demonstrated remarkable results - the diagnostic is far more accurate, consistent, and faster to use than letter targets. It maintains greater precision, as well as minimizes image memorization. The test can be used regardless of a patient's age, language, or culture, and doesn't require the ability to read to measure visual acuity.

With this platform, physicians can easily access prior records and acuity data, keep the refraction lane running efficiently, treat patients with a high-tech medical approach, and present meaningful reports. Thus, both doctors and patients can save time and money on eye disease check-ups.

The platform was regarded highly by all stakeholders and got acknowledgment from scientists, doctors, and other professional users.




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