Inmost gets a 5-Star Review on Clutch for Ongoing Mobile App Development from Cellar Ventures


The mobile apps market has skyrocketed over the last decade. While in 2014 its global revenue amounted to roughly $100 billion, now the number is predicted to be close to $700 billion. As more and more consumers switch to digital, the importance of providing customers with first-class UX becomes more vital for companies than ever.

At the same time, due to the growing demand for mobile apps, the SaaS (Software as a Service) niche becomes extremely overheated by businesses struggling to find reliable developers to establish long-term commercial relationships.

Luckily, Inmost stands exactly for that kind of software provider. We’re proud to welcome back our clients with new projects and - are happy to continue cooperation for many years.

About Cellar Ventures, Inc

Cellar Ventures, Inc is a California-based company that operates as an intermediary agency between wineries and their customers on the global market. The company helps cellar owners to export wines via convenient channels and sell bottles directly to end-buyers all over the world.

In 2020, Cellar contacted Inmost with an idea to create a digital solution that would enhance the global wine trade and make it easier for both producers and consumers to sell wine abroad. The company needed an app that people can refer to and find all information about a particular wine, including year, vineyards, grapes, etc. The solution needed to be perfect towards UI/UX parameters - to compete and take the market share from other apps in the niche.

What we delivered

As a  software development partner, Inmost team took this case and applied a “full-cycle” approach. We were involved  at every stage of product development - from market research, including competitors` Apps overview, to the development and post-release testing.

CELLR app was designed to be a reference point for wine lovers. They can not only search for wine-related information, but purchase bottles as well as some exclusive wines from private collections.

The App’s users can create wish lists, receive recommendations, and even trade with other cellar owners. Wine sellers, on the other hand, can use App to take inventory of their cellars' stocks and set prices for bottles.

Key development outcomes

We’ve used an advanced tech stack to make CELLR App convenient and user-friendly. Here are just a few key features delivered by Inmost:

  • an option to recognize any wine label
  • a possibility to conveniently buy a bottle of wine or put it up for sale via the smartphone
  • saving option of selected wines to users profiles
  • convenient search & filter functions
  • a full database of wines.

What did the Client say?

We at Inmost were incredibly excited and proud to receive our first 5-star review on Clutch - a B2B ratings and reviews platform.

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In his conversation with Clutch, Jeffrey Ishmael, CEO of Cellar Ventures, shared the details of our ongoing collaboration. He explained that his company needed a mobile app for their business and told about the outstanding results that were achieved in cooperation with the Inmost team.

“We set out to work with Inmost from the beginning, to develop a mobile app for our new wine business, because we want to connect consumers directly to consumer wine sales… From a metrics perspective, we’ve been working together quite efficiently.

Where the company has been effective is in the stability of their own team. We haven’t had a lot of turnover on most of the staff that’s been working on the project, because Inmost does a lot to recruit, train, and motivate their team.

They’ve been very complete with their execution and delivery.”

To find out more about our development process, check out the full case study on Clutch.