Application for learning English with automatic listening, speaking, grammar and vocabulary training options

Nowadays, more and more educational institutions provide their services online. This trend existed before the COVID-19, but since the pandemic began, it has increased significantly. We were approached by an English teaching company to create a distance learning system that allows to practice all the necessary skills for learning English so that most of the tests could be conducted automatically.

A social network for couples providing all the necessary services and information for wedding organization

The wedding organization requires careful planning and coordination of a large number of services, such as photographers, florists, confectioners, restaurateurs, wedding venue owners and others, and it is also necessary to invite guests. We created a social network that combines all the essential services for a couple to organize and celebrate the wedding.

Application for telemedicine service – social network for doctors and patients

There are many countries where quality medical services are available only in large cities but unreachable for residents of the provinces. Remote medicine might become a compromise solution to this problem. The main idea of ​​this project is to create a specialized social network that will connect patients and doctors and will enable doctors to provide qualified assistance to patients remotely.