A software kit for medical specialists to create customized apps and configure them without programming

Our client is a global leader in telemedicine technologies & services, with centers in Israel and Germany, with about 3 million medical interactions per year. The aim of this project was to build a software kit that can be purchased under license and enables anyone who has the medical-technical know-how to launch their own patient apps - with no need for certification as a medical device manufacturer.

Telemedicine application, aimed to strengthen trust to remote medical treatment

Remote medicine provides quality medical services for the countries where life standards are not at the highest level. But the establishment of a trusting relationship between a doctor and a patient at a distance is one of its core issues. Application that guarantees safe and reliable medical records storage significantly elevates the trust level of patients.

NFT based solution assigning ownership to the game artifacts and enabling them to be sold on any NFT marketplace

Our client is launching an MMORPG game and involves high-quality designers to create artifacts` graphical representation, which is supposed to have some artistic value. We implemented his idea to add a commercial component and enlarge the game community by creating a solution for selling game artifacts among existing players and potential users.

A rental application that functions as an intermediary between landlords and tenants

A common problem of the daily accommodation booking services is conflicts between tenants and landlords. Our approach in developing the rent application reduces the presence of human factor, makes payment and renting processes transparent and eliminates conflict situations.

Application for mowing lawns without human participation

The customer wants to create an innovative solution that changes the concept of the roadside lawn maintenance process. The main idea of the project is to cut grass without human participation by the development of a convenient cross-platform mobile application to set up mower and remote control of the grass-mowing process.

Application remotely operating the snow-melting equipment

In the regions with a huge snow cover in winter, roofs are usually equipped by special metal tapes heated by electricity to melt the snow. In case of snow compression, the system fails causing extremely high energy costs for the owner with no actual benefit. We have found a solution to instantly identify system failure and manage snow-melting equipment remotely.

Application for learning English with automatic listening, speaking, grammar and vocabulary training options

Nowadays, more and more educational institutions provide their services online. This trend existed before the COVID-19, but since the pandemic began, it has increased significantly. We were approached by an English teaching company to create a distance learning system that allows to practice all the necessary skills for learning English so that most of the tests could be conducted automatically.

A social network for couples providing all the necessary services and information for wedding organization

The wedding organization requires careful planning and coordination of a large number of services, such as photographers, florists, confectioners, restaurateurs, wedding venue owners and others, and it is also necessary to invite guests. We created a social network that combines all the essential services for a couple to organize and celebrate the wedding.

Application for telemedicine service – social network for doctors and patients

There are many countries where quality medical services are available only in large cities but unreachable for residents of the provinces. Remote medicine might become a compromise solution to this problem. The main idea of ​​this project is to create a specialized social network that will connect patients and doctors and will enable doctors to provide qualified assistance to patients remotely.

Car-sharing application with adaptive rent rate depending on client’s driving manner

According to worldwide statistics, speeding is the main reason for car damage and accidents. Сar-sharing company owner aimed to motivate careful driving and extend rental cars' lifetime. The solution involves estimation of driving behavior and rewarding responsible drivers.

Cross-platform remote eye testing service with high measurement accuracy

As a vision scientist discovered that the 1862 letter-based tests used globally by optometrists and ophthalmologists are actually making people blinder in the 21st century. It literally makes eyeglass lenses exceedingly powerful, contributing to the major cause of the global epidemic of myopia. The core goal of this project was to allow a doctor to test a patient’s eyes remotely, or patients to have their eyes checked remotely and then, if problems are identified, book an appointment with the nearest doctor for an actual physical eye examination.

Online food delivery platform for football stadiums, theaters and cinemas

Public event venues fail to achieve food & beverage revenue because over 50% of visitors refuse to purchase due to long lines. The goal of our client was to create a white-label platform which can resolve this issue for the venues with a large number of visitors, like football stadiums, theaters and cinemas. The solution was to eliminate the frustration of queues by allowing guests to pre-order and prepay for food and drinks and enable the vendors to deliver a world-class customer experience whilst increasing bottom-line profit.

Peer-to-peer trading platform that directly connects wine enthusiasts and cellar owners

At the end of 2019, Cellar company approached Inmost with an idea to create a digital solution that would enhance the global wine trade and make it easier for both producers and consumers to sell bottles of wine across the borders. The company needed an app that could be used to find all information about a particular wine, including vintage year, grape variety, appellation, and producer. The solution needed to be perfect in terms of UI/UX parameters - to compete and take market share from other apps in the niche.