Application for mowing lawns without human participation

The customer wants to create an innovative solution that changes the concept of the roadside lawn maintenance process. The main idea of the project is to cut grass without human participation by the development of a convenient cross-platform mobile application to set up mower and remote control of the grass-mowing process.

Application remotely operating the snow-melting equipment

In the regions with a huge snow cover in winter, roofs are usually equipped by special metal tapes heated by electricity to melt the snow. In case of snow compression, the system fails causing extremely high energy costs for the owner with no actual benefit. We have found a solution to instantly identify system failure and manage snow-melting equipment remotely.

Car-sharing application with adaptive rent rate depending on client’s driving manner

According to worldwide statistics, speeding is the main reason for car damage and accidents. Сar-sharing company owner aimed to motivate careful driving and extend rental cars' lifetime. The solution involves estimation of driving behavior and rewarding responsible drivers.