Telemedicine application, aimed to strengthen trust to remote medical treatment

Remote medicine provides quality medical services for the countries where life standards are not at the highest level. But the establishment of a trusting relationship between a doctor and a patient at a distance is one of its core issues. Application that guarantees safe and reliable medical records storage significantly elevates the trust level of patients.

NFT based solution assigning ownership to the game artifacts and enabling them to be sold on any NFT marketplace

Our client is launching an MMORPG game and involves high-quality designers to create artifacts` graphical representation, which is supposed to have some artistic value. We implemented his idea to add a commercial component and enlarge the game community by creating a solution for selling game artifacts among existing players and potential users.

A rental application that functions as an intermediary between landlords and tenants

A common problem of the daily accommodation booking services is conflicts between tenants and landlords. Our approach in developing the rent application reduces the presence of human factor, makes payment and renting processes transparent and eliminates conflict situations.