Cross-platform remote eye testing service with high measurement accuracy

As a vision scientist discovered that the 1862 letter-based tests used globally by optometrists and ophthalmologists are actually making people blinder in the 21st century. It literally makes eyeglass lenses exceedingly powerful, contributing to the major cause of the global epidemic of myopia. The core goal of this project was to allow a doctor to test a patient’s eyes remotely, or patients to have their eyes checked remotely and then, if problems are identified, book an appointment with the nearest doctor for an actual physical eye examination.

The e-shop voice chatbot that helps to select a suitable item based on the characteristics specified by the customer

Our client wanted to create an online shop selling clothes and shoes, with the possibility to select the appropriate item according to the customer's description and to let the choice be based on less formal features, such as militaristic style or "looks like a certain product of a certain brand", or on the client's preferences according to previous purchases. We created a voice chatbot imitating human communication - like a good friend or companion that understands the customer's tastes and helps make a choice. 

Chatbot for a food delivery service providing orders placement without the obligatory installation of any application on the phone

Our client is starting a food delivery business. In the context of COVID, he wants to provide minimum staff engagement in order processing and only hire employees who are involved in the cooking process. There is an idea to create a chatbot for taking food orders. The special feature of this service is providing order placement without the obligatory installation of any application on the phone.

Online food delivery platform for football stadiums, theaters and cinemas

Public event venues fail to achieve food & beverage revenue because over 50% of visitors refuse to purchase due to long lines. The goal of our client was to create a white-label platform which can resolve this issue for the venues with a large number of visitors, like football stadiums, theaters and cinemas. The solution was to eliminate the frustration of queues by allowing guests to pre-order and prepay for food and drinks and enable the vendors to deliver a world-class customer experience whilst increasing bottom-line profit.